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Our Funding Criteria

In order for the Foundation to consider your request for funding your project must impact one of our five main areas of focus, by foremost supporting the 'impoverished' or the 'at risk' in our community. We also support projects aiding the environment, heath & welfare, education and arts & culture as all these areas of focus make a strong community.

How to Apply

Initial approach should be made by letter or email outlining the following:

  • The organization's general objectives.

  • Description of project, description of its expected outcomes supported by a budget showing sources of funds and anticipated expenses.

  • Registration number as a "registered charity".

  • An annual report, if available, is useful information. At minimum, the Foundation requests a copy of most recent financial statements.

  • The Foundation will review the initial proposal and may request additional information. The Foundation will respond to properly submitted inital proposals either positively or negatively. As a large number of funding requests are received annually, the foregoing process may take several months. Requests for funds should therefore be made at least 6 months in advance of the need for cash.

    Inquiries or proposals sent by facsimile, form letters, or multiple solicitations are neither accepted nor acknowledged.



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    Funding Criteria, How to Apply


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