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Granting FAQs

  • Is my organization eligible for a grant?

    Under the Income Tax Act, the Foundation may make grants only to "qualified donees." For the most part, this means federally registered charities. The Foundation does not donate to individuals.

    The Foundation will only consider projects that address our funding priorities or complement current Foundation initiatives.

  • What areas will the Foundation NOT consider at this time?

    The Foundation does not consider requests:

    • for annual operating funds or other recurring costs, unless directly linked to a project that meets our other granting priorities
    • to reduce accumulated capital or operating deficits
    • involving political activities
    • involving religious purposes or activities
    • for purely academic or basic research

    The Foundation generally does not consider requests:

    • for activities outside of Canada
    • in which the primary activity is a conference, workshop, or seminar
    • in which the primary activity involves training
    • in which the primary activity is the production of a film, video, or publication
  • What is the average amount of a grant?

    There is no pre-established limit for grants. The Foundation generally makes larger grants over a 2 to 5 year duration in form of a pledge.

  • How can I arrange to meet with someone to discuss an organization or project?

    Visits to the Foundation's office are initiated by invitation only. Since the Foundation operates with a small staff, it would be difficult to meet with everyone who would like to talk to us about a project. It is also more beneficial for us to discuss a project after we have been able to review some initial information.